Kosher Turduckens

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Turducken semi boneless


Turducken inside



Our Turducken is a kosher turkey stuffed with a kosher duck stuffed with a kosher chicken. 16-18 lb. Turkey (raw weight), All the bones are removed. The duck and chicken are stuffed with Challah and Vegetable Stuffing or Rice Pilaf. See the list of stuffings below. The Turducken is made with a free range turkey, free range duck and free range chicken. We can also make it using organic poultry. Our Turducken feeds approximately 12-14 people.



Free Range

Organic & Free Range

Frozen Uncooked Free Range Turducken 16-18 lbs. raw weight

$229 plus shipping cost

$299.95 plus shipping cost

Fully-Cooked Turducken 15-18 lbs. raw weight, 10 lbs. cookied weight

$249 plus shipping cost

$339.95 plus shipping cost

Gluten-Free Turducken w/quinoa stuffing

$249 each


1/2 Turducken cookied and sliced with gravy

$139 each


1/4 Turducken cooked and sliced with gravy



Turducken by the slice with gravy

$44.99 a slice

$49.99 slice

The following products require 5 business days to produce fresh for you?

Louisiana Sausage Turducken: This turducken is stuffed with chicken, turkey and duck sausage.



Cooked Louisiana Sausage Turducken


SPECIAL -Organic Cooked Louisiana Sausage Turducken - $425 each (cranberry sauce stuffing and gravy)

1/2 organic Louisiana Turducken with cranberry sauce, gravy, stuffing



1/4 organic Louisiana Turducken with cranberry sauce, gravy, stuffing



Turduck (Turkey stuffed with duck



Cooked Turduck



Turchick (Turkey stuffed with chicken): $169 each



Cooked Turchick



Turdoubleduck (Turkey stuffed with two ducks)(The Ari Schottenstein Special):



Turdoubleduckchick: turkey with double duck (two ducks) and a chicken,



Gooseducken (Goose stuffed with duck which is stuffed with a hen) each



Cooked Gooseducken



Gooseduckenquail (Goose stuffed with duck which is stuffed with a hen which is stuffed with quail)



Cooked Gooseduckenquail



Turduckquail: Turkey stuffed with a duck which is stuffed with a quail:



Cooked Turduckquail



Turduckenquail (Turkey stuffed with duck which is stuffed with a chicken which is stuffed with quail)



Cooked Turduckenquail



Turcaducken:  Turkey stuffed with a capon stuffed with a duck stuffed with a chicken



Cooked Turcaducken



Turcaduckenquail: Turkey stuffed with a capon stuffed with a duck stuffed with a chicken stuffed with a quail



Cooked Turcaduckenquail



Duckpheasanquail: Duck stuffed with a pheasant stuffed with a quail:



Cooked Duckpheasanquail



Ducken (Duck stuffed with a hen)



Cooked Ducken



TURDUCKEN SAUSAGE - turkey, duck and chicken with a tiny bit of stuffing

$12.99 lb.


LOUISIANA SAUSAGE STUFFING - a bit spicy(sausage with beef & turkey fry)

$12.99 lb.


Roasted turkey with turkey loaf


Stuffed turkey breast


Turkey breast crown


Decorated Roast Turkey


Duck a l’orange


Peking Duck


Roasted Turkey with anjou


Roasted Goose with apricot and prune stuffing


Curry Duck Breast


chicken burger


Duck salad


Turkey with stuffing





CUTTING AND DEFROSTING COOKED TURDUCKEN -Defrost the Turducken in the refrigerator or under cold running water. Defrosting in the refrigerator should take approximately 48 hours, depending on the temperature of the refrigerator.


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