Glatt Kosher Buffalo

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Glatt Kosher Buffalo, Buffalo filet, Buffalo Stew, Buffalo London Broil

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Buffalo Filet Roast 3-5 lb. average

$15.99 lb.

Buffalo Filet Steak cut to your specifications 8 oz., 10 oz., etc.

$16.59 lb.

Buffalo Shoulder Roast (cut to order 3 lb.-8 lbs.)

$12.99 lb.

Buffalo Burgers (made to order 1/4, 1/3, 1/2 lb.)

$9.99 lb.

Ground Buffalo

$9.50 lb.

Buffalo Rib Steak

$23.95 lb.

Buffalo Muscle Meat

$9.99 lb.

Buffalo Chuck Stew

$10.59 lb.

Buffalo Chuck Roast

$11.99 lb.

Buffalo London Broil

$14.95 lb.

Buffalo Boneless Rib

$23.95 lb.

Buffalo Sausage

$14.95 lb.

Buffalo French Roast

$17.99 lb.

Buffalo Spare Ribs

$11.59 lb.

Buffalo Hanger Steak

$14.99 lb.

Buffalo Skirt Steak

$21.95 lb.

Buffalo Kabobs - average 4 kabobs per package on bamboo skewers

$13.99 lb.

Buffalo Brisket 1st Cut

$18.89 lb.

Buffalo Dumplings

$8.99 a dozen

Buffalo Minute Steak

$12.99 lb.

Buffalo Club Steak

$13.99 lb.

Buffalo Mush Steak

$16.59 lb.


Buffalo kabobs


Bison burgers

Stainless steel shish kabob skewers (reusable) - $2.50 each
Purchase stainless steel skewers and we would be happy to add buffalo kabobs to them for your order at price indicated above

Prices may change without prior notice due to market fluctuation.

All our products are made and cut fresh to your specifications.  Please allow 2 business days to receive your order after it is placed.

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